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Start date : 16/10/2017
End date : 19/10/2017
European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
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European Parliament's committees are primarily responsible for preparing the legislative work for Parliament's plenary, on the basis of which it adopts legislative resolutions.

Their core task is to draw up reports on legislative proposals that have been referred to Parliament, or on which Parliament has been consulted, and on own-initiative reports.

Parliament has 20 standing committees, and 2 subcommittees, each responsible for an area of community policy: foreign affairs, environment, development, international trade, budget etc, and working methods appropriate to its areas of expertise.

Special committees are sometimes created on an ad-hoc basis to address a specific topic.

Each committee elects a chairman and four vice-chairmen for consecutive periods of two and a half years in each parliamentary term. Each committee has its own secretariat.

Committees meet in public, once or twice a month, generally during the weeks that follow plenary sittings in Strasbourg. The meetings are broadcasted live (through EP Live).



  • Posting of workers in the framework of the provision of services in EMPL
  • Economic policies of the euro area in ECON
  • European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) amending Regulation (EU) No 2016/794 in LIBE
  • European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) and amending Regulations (EU) No 515/2014, (EU) 2016/399 and (EU) 2016/1624 in LIBE
  • Minimum provisions on the constituent elements of criminal acts and penalties in the field of illicit drug trafficking, as regards the definition of the term 'drug' in LIBE
  • Respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications and repealing Directive 2002/58/EC (Regulation on Privacy and Electronic Communications) in LIBE
  • EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust) in LIBE
  • Adoption of opinion(s) in letter form on EGF application(s) in EMPL
  • Implementation of the European Disability Strategy in EMPL
  • Combating inequalities as a lever to boost job creation and growth in EMPL
  • Appointment of the Chairperson of the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board in ECON
  • European Statistical Governance Advisory Board: Nominations to the Board in ECON



  • Joint Hearing on “Working conditions of mobile workers in transport” in EMPL-TRAN
  • Hearing on "EU strategy against women’s cancers" in FEMM
  • Workshop: Coordination of Social Security Systems in Europe by S&D
  • Joint committee procedure (Rule 55) with the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs in LIBE and ECON
  • Appointment of three Members of the European Court of Auditors, hearings of: H. Takkula - nominated by Finland, K. Pinxten - nominated by Belgium, P Russo - nominated by Italy in CONT
  • Central African Republic: Current situation in DEVE and AFET


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