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European conference on Xylella fastidiosa: finding answers to a global problem

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Start date : 13/11/2017
End date : 13/11/2017
Palma de Mallorca, Spain
European Food Safety Authority,
Food, farming and fisheries, Consumer affairs and public health, Research and innovation,

This major scientific conference on European research into X. fastidiosa is organised jointly by the European food safety authority (EFSA), the University of the Balearic islands, the Euphresco network for phytosanitary research coordination and funding, and the EU Horizon 2020 projects POnTE and XF-ACTORS.

As well as speakers and participants from Europe, the conference will be attended by scientific experts from other parts of the world – such as Brazil and the United States – where X. fastidiosa has been present for many years. The recent detection of X. fastidiosa in Italy, France and Spain represents an important change in the geographical distribution of this dangerous plant pathogen, which now poses a serious threat to the agriculture and environment of Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Biology, genetics and taxonomy of X. fastidiosa, as well as vectors, epidemiology, control, management and mitigation will be discussed, focusing mainly on the situation in Europe.

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