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Eurofound foundation forum 2017

People representing different professions, walking through EU flags © EU
Start date : 14/11/2017
End date : 15/11/2017
Dublin Castle, Dublin, Ireland
Other bodies and agencies,
Economy and the euro, Employment and social rights,

The Eurofound foundation forum is Eurofound’s flagship event, aimed at reaching high-level policymakers in the field of social, employment and work-related policies. It provides a platform for Eurofound to contribute findings of relevance to the debate and further strengthens its role and capacity as a facilitator for the exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences, in line with the tasks assigned to the agency in its founding regulation.

The Eurofound foundation forum 2017 aims to bring together up to 200 high-level participants. It will run for 1.5 days, including several plenary sessions and opportunities for parallel workshops.

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