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EU Green Week 2019

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Start date : 13/05/2019
End date : 17/05/2019
Across the EU
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Energy, environment and climate,

The next edition of EU Green Week will put the implementation process of EU environmental laws into the spotlight:

Do these laws really matter, and what are the added benefits for citizens? What does successful implementation look like? Why do ‘implementation gaps’ exist? How can we move from knowing that stakeholders need to take ownership of these laws to actually making it happen? And most importantly, how can the EU facilitate the process, making sure that citizens' voices are heard? 

EU Green Week 2019 will include events across Europe, with the official opening event on 13 May in one of the EU Member States and a high-level summit in Brussels from 15 to 17 May. The opening event will have a particular prominence, setting the tone for the week's debates. The closing of Green Week will take place at the end of the Brussels conference and will showcase the political conclusions from the week.

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