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EDA military airworthiness conference 2019

View of the cockpit of an airplane © EU
Start date : 09/10/2019
End date : 10/10/2019
Vilnius, Lithuania
Other bodies and agencies,
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The annual military airworthiness conference of the European Defence Agency (EDA) will bring together key stakeholders from national military airworthiness authorities, industry, European agencies, and international organisations to discuss the latest developments in the cooperation between national military airworthiness authorities.

Initiated by the ministers of defence in 2008, EDA participating member States started this cooperation with the establishment of the European military airworthiness authorities (MAWA) forum aiming at the harmonisation of national regulations on military airworthiness in Europe. Since that moment, under auspices of the MAWA forum, a comprehensive set of European military airworthiness requirements (EMARs) has been developed and is now being implemented by the participating member States. The MAWA forum is now focusing on further cooperation in the area of oversight based on a new airworthiness roadmap that was approved last year.

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