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Digitalisation in low growth environment

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Start date : 10/10/2019
End date : 10/10/2019
Charlemagne building, Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Economy and the euro, Research and innovation,

The workshop will bring together experts from academia, private businesses, national administrations, the European Commission, and other European and international institutions, to discuss the broad economic impacts of digitalisation and the investment needs to ensure a smooth transition.

Digitalisation has emerged in recent years as a potential key driver of growth and job creation. However, there is no consensus about the net macroeconomic impacts of the ongoing digital transformation. It could lead to productivity gains and more qualified jobs, but also negatively impact on competition, income distribution and job opportunities, especially for low skilled workers.

The policy challenge is to anticipate the benefits and the costs of digital transformation, to accompany changes in the labour market, and to ensure that the benefits of technological change are widely shared, among countries and social groups. This requires stimulating innovation by boosting investment in research and infrastructures and balancing income distribution asymmetries by means of investment in education and skills.

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