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CTI-EU Bonding EU cyber threat intelligence

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Start date : 30/10/2017
End date : 31/10/2017
Rome, Italy
European Commission, Other bodies and agencies,
Research and innovation, Security and defence,

The event will cover the subject of cyber threat intelligence (CTI) and is named CTI-EU. It will be organised by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA) with the support of DG Connect, Europol, CERT-EU and the European Defence Agency (EDA). 

The following CTI thematic areas will be covered:

  • CTI information sharing
  • Active defence
  • Automation of CTI
  • Embedding CTI in security organisation and good practices
  • CTI capabilities, skills, education and training and research

For each of the above group of topics, a dedicated workshop will be organised. In each workshop, position statements of participants will be made. Care will be taken to have all stakeholder groups represented in those presentations (mainly business users, vendors, governments, end-users/SMEs). 

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