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Consensus and transparency in trade agreements

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Start date : 14/06/2018
End date : 14/06/2018
EESC, Brussels, Belgium
European Economic and Social Committee,
Business, Enlargement, external relations and trade, Justice and citizens’ rights,

In recent years, EU trade policy has become a true issue of debate in the civil society at national level: that shows the need to bring trade policy closer to EU citizens. EU Member States have different existing national structures, procedures and consultation methods, as well as ratification processes; however, citizens from most countries not always seem to be able to fully express their voices in national debates on trade policy.

The objective of the event will be to :

  • assess and examine the different kinds of consultation procedures that exist in the Member States
  • explore how civil society and consultative structures, wherever they exist, are informed or consulted on negotiations and implementation of trade agreements
  • promote the experience of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in the domain of the EU trade policy

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