Connecting EU 2021 seminar: What kind of Europe do you dream of?

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Start date : 18/11/2021
End date : 19/11/2021
Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal
European Economic and Social Committee,
Consumer affairs and public health, Economy and the euro, Employment and social rights,

The European Economic and Social Committee is holding its Connecting EU Seminar, previously the Civil Society Media Seminar, which every year brings together communicators from civil society organisations represented in or linked with the EESC.

Entitled "What kind of Europe do you dream of? Civil Society and the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE)", the Connecting EU Seminar broaches three topics that are among the nine proposed for citizens' discussions under the Conference:

  • health
  • stronger economy, social justice and jobs
  • European democracy

The EESC believes these to be the issues closest to the hearts of Europeans or at the top of their concerns. The topics will be discussed in three panels, with speakers from academic circles, researchers and media and NGO representatives.

The EESC's intention with the seminar is to show its deep commitment to the CoFoE as a key step towards regaining people's trust in and support for the EU. It hopes that the participants, both those present in Lisbon and those following via live stream, will communicate the takeaways from the seminar to members of their organisations back home. In this way, the event can help to get more Europeans involved in the debate on Europe's future, helping them to express their ideas, wishes, concerns and expectations about what kind of Europe they dream of.

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