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Conference: Subsidiarity as a building principle of the European Union

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Start date : 15/11/2018
End date : 16/11/2018
Bregenz, Austria
Presidency of the Council of the EU,
Institutional affairs,

The principle of subsidiarity is a crucial cornerstone of our common Europe. This means that the EU has to work on solutions for big challenges – such as migration, security and climate change. At the same time, the EU has to take a step back when it comes to questions where Member States or regions are in a better position to take decisions. A consistent application of this principle would allow to bring the EU closer to its citizens and improve their trust in the EU.

Within the framework of its Presidency of the Council of the EU, Austria wants to seize this occasion and discuss, together with representatives from politics, experts and citizens, how a common understanding of the term ‘subsidiarity’ can be found and how this principle can be applied consistently.

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