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Conference - Europe's Beating Cancer Plan: Let's strive for more

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Start date : 04/02/2020
End date : 04/02/2020
European Parliament, Brussels
European Commission,
Consumer affairs and public health,

On 4 February – World Cancer Day – the European Commission will start its outreach on Europe’s Cancer Plan at an event in the European Parliament in Brussels, supported by the MEPs Against Cancer Interest Group. While the EU has a long history in the fight against cancer, there are still many challenges ahead. This event aims to demonstrate the EU’s strong commitment to fighting cancer and to harness the collective power for positive change.

The half day event will bring together a range of stakeholders including political leaders, representatives from international organisations, health ministries, leading academics, scientists and health professionals, the private sector and NGOs as well as cancer patients and survivors, who will share their personal testimonials.

Europe’s Cancer Plan will propose actions at every key stage of the disease: prevention (lifestyle, pollution, vaccination), diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

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