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Conference 'Better regulation: taking stock and sustaining our commitment'

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Start date : 29/04/2019
End date : 29/04/2019
Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Institutional affairs,

The European Commission is holding a conference to

  • discuss the results of the better regulation stocktaking exercise
  • exchange views on possible ways forward
  • further build the community of better regulation practitioners

The full-day conference will be opened by Frans Timmermans, the First Vice-President of the European Commission in charge of better regulation, interinstitutional relations, the rule of law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights.

The conference will feature 3 panels on topics related to better regulation:

  • Views: Engaging better with interested parties
  • Facts: Scrutiny and quality
  • Results: Better regulation as a shared agenda

The conference targets anyone interested in better regulation. The various communities of stakeholders – civil society, business, research, public authorities, social partners etc. – are invited, including people and organisations who have contributed to the stocktaking exercise

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