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Conference on the 15th anniversary of the 2004 EU enlargement: Looking back, looking forward

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Start date : 08/04/2019
End date : 09/04/2019
Vienna, Austria and Bratislava, Slovakia
European Commission,
Enlargement, external relations and trade,

This event, co-organised by the European Political Strategy Centre (EPSC) - the European Commission’s in-house think tank, operating directly under the authority of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker - and the European Commission’s Directorate‑General for economic and financial affairs (DG ECFIN), will mark the15th anniversary of the first wave of EU enlargement in May 2004, in which eventually 11 Baltics, Central, and South-Eastern European countries joined the EU.

It aims to bring together prominent political figures, policymakers, and experts from EU countries, international and European institutions, the private sector, and academia, to identify and reflect on the experiences and impacts of this EU enlargement episode.

The event will focus on the identification and discussion of experiences from which wider lessons can be learned, using concrete country cases. It will consider the channels through which EU membership has helped to speed up convergence, via an analysis of the role played by – among other things - trade, investment, financial integration, and institutional channels.

Programme – day 1

Programme – day 2

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