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Climathon 2017

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Start date : 27/10/2017
End date : 27/10/2017
The Club of Different Rooms, Tallinn, Estonia
Presidency of the Council of the EU,
Energy, environment and climate, Research and innovation,

Climathon is a global 24-hour climate change hackathon which will take place simultaneously in major cities around the world on 27 October 2017.

This year, Tallinn is to be the 'main stage' for Climathon 2017, and act as a hub to link and showcase the global creativity and energy for climate action and low-carbon development. The city will host the Climathon 2017 festivities as well as showcase, live, the global collaboration happening across the world.

From this main stage event, over 10 live broadcasting sessions will be hosted where:

  • the Climathon 2017 will be officially opened
  • TED style speakers will be hosted to talk on topics which will engage all global cities 

  • other cities around the world will be interviewed
  • we will build momentum globally via social media to millions

Twitter: #eu2017ee

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