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Clean Air Forum

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Start date : 28/11/2019
End date : 29/11/2019
Bratislava, Slovakia
European Commission,
Energy, environment and climate,

In November 2017 a first EU Clean Air Forum convened in Paris, which concluded with a clear message: solutions to improve air quality further are within reach, but to tackle air pollution successfully, we need to work together across economic sectors, across decisionmaking levels, across policy areas and together with citizens.

The European Commission continues to be committed to this and is organising, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Environment of Slovakia, a second EU Clean Air Forum on 28 and 29 November 2019.

This edition will focus on 3 themes: air quality and energy; air quality and agriculture; and clean air funding mechanisms. It will bring together decisionmakers, stakeholders and experts on the above topics in a 2-day conference to reflect on the development and implementation of effective European, national and local air policies, projects and programmes.

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