Artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of journalism - Will AI take hold of the 4th estate?

A woman wearing a mask and reading on her smartphone on the go © EU
Start date : 11/05/2021
End date : 12/05/2021
Lisbon, Portugal
Presidency of the Council of the EU,
Culture, education and youth, Research and innovation,

The aim of this high-level conference, organised by the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU, is to raise awareness for the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the production, distribution and consumption of news, and to reflect on its impact on journalism in the digital era. We will seek to identify the medium and long-term opportunities and risks and anticipate the challenges for public policies at the level of the EU and its Member States. The goal will thus be to contribute to the full realisation of AI’s potential with a view to sustaining a press that serves the public interest and empowers citizens.

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