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Anti-corruption conference: The role of local and regional authorities in preventing corruption and promoting good governance

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Start date : 28/02/2017
End date : 28/02/2017
CoR (room JDE52), Brussels, Belgium
European Committee of the Regions, Other bodies and agencies,
Economy and the euro,

This conference, jointly organised by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Congress of the Council of Europe, will address the challenges faced in implementing anti-corruption strategies and promoting cooperation at the sub-national level. It will also explore recent changes in fighting the culture of corruption and focus on certain aspects of ethics that are particularly relevant for the public sector, such as conflicts of interest and codes of conduct.

The conference will include testimonies from EU countries and those in its neighbourhood, as well as provide an opportunity for both the CoR and the Congress to present the economic gains associated with action in the field of anti-corruption and the role of the media and civil society in tackling corruption.


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