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8th evaluation conference of the EU cohesion policy: Investing in our shared future

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Start date : 20/06/2019
End date : 21/06/2019
Bucharest, Romania
European Commission,
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With its strategic orientation aimed at fostering shared prosperity across Europe, EU cohesion policy invests in the social, economic, and environmental fabric of Europe's regions. It harnesses creativity and cooperation across more than 270 regions, touching the lives of about 500 million European citizens.

Over the last 3 decades, EU cohesion policy has been evolving and modernising, inspired by good practices in the Member States and shared investment challenges.

In this event, we invite policymakers, national, regional, and local authorities, managing authorities, evaluation experts, academics, civil society, and other stakeholders to reflect on the role and exchange views on the contribution of the policy to promoting performance-oriented public investments and to developing a culture of evaluation in Member States. Join us in this dialogue on how the policy can contribute further to the consolidation of a result-oriented approach of EU-wide investments to the benefit of European citizens.


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