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4th eHealth security conference

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Start date : 14/11/2018
End date : 14/11/2018
Eramus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Consumer affairs and public health, Research and innovation, Security and defence,

The European Agency for network and information security (ENISA) is organising the 4th eHealth security conference in cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of health, welfare and sport.

The event will focus on the aspects related to the implementation of the Network and information systems (NIS) directive by the EU Member States, specifically for the healthcare sector, and will highlight practices regarding the identification of operators of essential services, the collection of baseline security measures and incident notification.

In the same context, the conference will include sessions dedicated to medical devices, as well as to emerging technologies in eHealth security (eg. blockchain), inviting experts from different Member States to state their expertise in these topics.


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