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2d Artic science ministerial meeting

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Start date : 25/10/2018
End date : 26/10/2018
Berlin, Germany
European Commission,
Energy, environment and climate, EU regional and urban development, Research and innovation,

The European Commission, Finland and Germany will co-host the 2nd Arctic science ministerial meeting. The aim of this meeting is to promote the results of the deliverables agreed at the 1st meeting, increase capacity to respond to major societal challenges in the Arctic, encourage further scientific cooperation among a large number of countries and representatives of indigenous people.

An Arctic science conference will showcase the latest achievements as regards the deliverables agreed for each thematic area at the 1st meeting. The discussion will focus on scientific advances in the deliverables and on the commitment needed in future. It will be open to a wide range of Arctic stakeholders, policymakers and media. 

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