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25th anniversary of the MARS Bulletins: Contributing to market transparency – Future challenges of agricultural monitoring systems

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Start date : 18/10/2017
End date : 18/10/2017
University Foundation Club, Brussels, Belgium
European Commission,
Food, farming and fisheries, Research and innovation,

The 25th anniversary of the MARS Crop Monitoring and Yield Forecasting Bulletins conference is an occasion to highlight the broader role of agricultural monitoring systems, how monitoring underpins production forecasts, and how they contribute to market transparency from a regional to global context.

It provides an opportunity to review and challenge today's approach and methodology that developed over the past 25 years with respect to rapid developments in the agricultural sector, climate change, and the quality of agricultural statistics as a backbone of forecasting activities.

The day will be structured along three sessions:

  • information and market transparency
  • global to regional forecasting capacities
  • future challenges and opportunities 


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