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22nd European forum on eco-innovation: Closing the loop, delivering circularity in the textile sector

Start date : 07/05/2019
End date : 08/05/2019
Vienna, Austria
European Commission,
Business, Energy, environment and climate, Research and innovation,

Growing evidence suggests that the textile industry in Europe has a high environmental footprint. While the EU applies strict environmental and social regulations, unsustainable productions, wasteful consumer behaviour, and linear disposal methods such as the low level of recycling and reuse, are all part of the problem.

The 22st European forum on eco-innovation will explore ecological and innovative solutions and policies for improving circularity in the textile sector. It will bring together companies, public authorities, financiers, NGOs, innovators, and researchers working on developing and deploying effective new technologies, innovative business and governance models, and policies that can deliver a circular textile economy.

An important objective of the event will be to formulate recommendations for future policy measures and instruments for the European Commission and public authorities on the national and local level.

This event is jointly organised by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for environment (DG ENV) and the Austrian Ministry for sustainability and tourism.


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