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12th INSPIRE conference - INSPIRE users: Make it work together

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Start date : 18/09/2018
End date : 20/09/2018
Antwerp, Belgium
European Commission,
Energy, environment and climate, Research and innovation,

This year, the 12th ‘Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the EU’ (INSPIRE) conference will be focused on the theme ‘INSPIRE users: Make it work together’.

The conference is a major annual event around the implementation of the 2007/2/EC INSPIRE Directive. It is organised on the initiative of Belgium and the Netherlands, in partnership with the European Commission (DG Environment and the Joint Research Centre - JRC) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

The programme of the conference covers workshops, thematic sessions organised in six parallel sessions each day outside of the daily plenaries and a poster session. There will be two parallel workshop session strands and 4 parallel thematic session strands. 


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