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‘Your Europe, Your say!’ 2019 (YEYS 2019)

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Start date : 20/03/2019
End date : 23/03/2019
Brussels, Belgium
European Economic and Social Committee,
Culture, education and youth, Economy and the euro, Employment and social rights,

‘Your Europe, Your Say!’ was launched in 2010 by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) to give the floor to young people from all over Europe and discover how people under 18 years of age see their future and the future of our society.

For the YEYS 2019, 99 secondary school students will be invited to Brussels to discuss an important topic and to make their own proposals to Europe on issues ranging from education, employment and the environment to equal opportunities, culture and migration.

2019 will be an election year and the new European Parliament will have very important decisions to make, at a time when everything from the economy to communication and from politics to social trends are being revolutionised on a daily basis.

Twitter: #YEYS2019; #YEYSturns10

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