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About this site

About this site

About this site

The EU Newsroom is the official news website of the institutions of the European Union. It provides online access to the latest official press material released by all EU institutions, as well as practical information for journalists.

What will I find?

This site gathers the latest news and press material from the EU institutions, agencies and bodies in one place, providing a single entry point to all EU news.

Press releases and statements are gathered on the site using automatic feeds, meaning that the section is updated every time a new item is published.

The 'highlights' section provides links to additional information on some of the day's biggest stories – for example official documents, photos, videos or background information.

Comprehensive information and an overview of developments on current topics is provided in a 'special coverage' section that also includes the latest press releases on the subject, links to documents, websites, statistics and more.

A calendar provides details of forthcoming political events and is searchable by date, topic or organiser. Events may also be viewed by day, week or month.

Other features include multimedia material, a list of RSS feeds by source, practical information on contact persons and accreditation.

We want your feedback

Your views are important. If you would like to share your feedback and help us meet your needs, please use the 'Help us improve' box located in the right-hand column of each page of this website. You may also contact the Europa web team that manages this website.

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