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New European Bauhaus

Call for partnerships

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Call for partnerships

The New European Bauhaus initiative is based on co-design. It invites creative minds to participate, curate conversations and generate ideas to shape an innovative policy framework. Ultimately, it supports a sustainable movement around new ways of thinking that create lasting communities and inclusive, ongoing dialogues.

To achieve this, the initiative needs the support of organisations and other entities across the EU that can become "Partners of the New European Bauhaus". They will act as promoters, community managers, sounding boards and key interlocutors throughout the development of the initiative. Individual partners can also be admitted, if particularly relevant for the objectives of the New European Bauhaus.


The "Partners of the New European Bauhaus" are organisations and other entities that act as inspiring promoters of the debates and ideas that will be developed through the movement. They should have a significant outreach capacity at their level and act as trusted motivators.

Their core activities are relevant to one or more dimensions of the New European Bauhaus, are in line with the core values of the European Union of human rights, - freedom, democracy, equality and rule of law- , and support the European Union priorities.

They help the New European Bauhaus to:

  • support the needed transformation of our societies towards living together in more sustainable, inclusive and enjoyable urban and rural environments;
  • recognise that people should co-create their living spaces and debate behaviours and life styles;
  • acknowledge that engaging in co-creation processes, respecting the diversity of perspectives and expertise, is necessary to generate inclusive ideas and affordable quality solutions.

European networks and umbrella organisations at EU level are natural candidates. National and sub-national organisations (for instance, national networks or foundations), with significant outreach capacity, statutory purpose, experience and scope could also be ideal Partners.

Please note for-profit organisations and political or other administratively politically linked entities (e.g. Ministries, Regions, and Cities) cannot become official partners of the New European Bauhaus. But they are all invited to contribute to the design phase via other entry points on the website and beyond.

Entities based in non-EU countries can only be eligible if their proposed activities in support of the New European Bauhaus involve EU citizens and/or stakeholders in a significant way.

What is expected from Partners?

Some conditions must be met before organisations can act as Partners:

They shall commit to support the New European Bauhaus initiative, in particular in one or more of these lines of activity:

  • to gather a diversity of professionals and disciplines in generating ideas, either within the organization or by engaging with other actors through conversations regarding the New European Bauhaus, and to summarise the outcomes to be openly shared through the New European Bauhaus website;
  • to identify inspirational projects, practices or concepts for the New European Bauhaus initiative that can be openly shared through the New European Bauhaus website;
  • to engage with citizens to discuss and collect expectations on the qualitative transformation of living spaces and associated life styles, to identify concrete challenges to be addressed in the frame of this initiative and to share the outcomes through the New European Bauhaus website;

The application should clearly identify all specific activities that the applicant partner proposes in support of the New European Bauhaus  Initiative. Activities description must be very concrete and include some elements of timing. These aspects are particularly important, as the overall quality of the proposed activity is a major factor in the final assessment of the applications.

The Partners’ commitment will not be subject to financial support.

For more information, please refer to our Q&A section

How are Partners selected?

The call for Partners of the New European Bauhaus will be permanently open throughout the design and implementation of the initiative.

Interested organisations should outline their concrete contribution to the initiative - for instance stakeholder engagement activities, outreach activities etc. They should also provide information on the nature, timing and expected output of the proposed activities.

The European Commission will recognise organisations as Partners taking into account the scope of their work and the quality, scale and diversity of the proposed activities.

What will Partners receive in return?

The Partners will be listed on a dedicated page on the New European Bauhaus website, together with their declaration of interest and commitment to the initiative. Wherever relevant, links will point the audience to New European Bauhaus related activities on the Partners’ websites. In the same way, their relevant activities will be listed on the New European Bauhaus website and on other media used for the New European Bauhaus communication.

Partners will be a key member of the New European Bauhaus community. The Commission will carry out a series of exchanges with the Partners and will facilitate interactions among them in various forms, also with a view to discuss and test developments of the initiative.

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