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New European Bauhaus

Inspiring projects and ideas

Beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive projects inspiring positive transformation around us.

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Inspiring projects and ideas (48)

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By working in the garden today and aiming for a more sustainable tomorrow.

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San Sebastian, Spain

Renewable, Reusable, Recyclable, and Rottable. Those are the keywords defining vivihouse, an inclusive, eco-friendly, and multi-storey building system. 

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Vienna, Austria

Why not experiment with novel materials and manufacturing processes for a more sustainable, inclusive future?

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Budapest, Hungary

Playing builds the character of tomorrow's adults; therefore, playgrounds must be accessible to all children.

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Bucharest, Romania

The world needs gender equality, today and every day.

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Laufen, Germany

When architecture meets sustainability, well-being, and design, a project like 'Designing for our children's future' is born.

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Is it possible to combine economic, social and environmental aspects in a sustainable urban regeneration process? Can algorithms and modelling strategies match and satisfy community needs?

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Milan, Italy

How do you tell the difference between natural and manufactured materials? Could their sense of smell help them tell them apart?

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Bratislava, Slovakia