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New European Bauhaus

NEB Lab: Regulatory analysis and experimentation

This Commission-led NEB Lab project analyses how the regulatory framework on European, national, regional or local level can support the development of New European Bauhaus projects.

Regulatory analysis
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The pilot project focuses on the built environment and construction ecosystem. Other sectors, such as energy intensive industries, mobility, proximity and social economy, cultural and creative industries, tourism or textiles will follow.

The New European Bauhaus community developed a survey to map the challenges and opportunities practitioners face with local, regional, national and EU legislation in the built environment and construction sector. The survey collects experiences from practitioners, where legislation either hindered or helped to transform the built environment to become more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful.

The survey results will be analysed in participatory workshops with the community to identify ways to improve the regulatory environment in line with the New European Bauhaus. Based on the outcomes, the Commission will aim to address regulatory barriers at different legislative levels together with political actors in the Member States.

Project milestones

  • 7 April - 30 June 2022: Survey open for contributions
  • 28 April 2022: Info session on the survey
  • June 2022: Discussion and first stock-taking of Regulatory Analysis at the New European Bauhaus Festival
  • July - October 2022: Participatory analysis of survey outcomes with the community
  • Autumn 2022: Report with survey results 

Participation in the project

Are you transforming places to make them more sustainable, inclusive and beautiful? Which regulatory barriers or enablers have you encountered?

Architects, engineers, urban planners, designers, public servants, companies and citizens are invited to share their experience with regulations related to the built environment and construction sector. 

The results of the survey will inform future regulatory actions and foster the transformation of the built environment in line with the objectives of the New European Bauhaus and Green Deal.

Share your experience by 30 June 2022


Are you aware of or have you worked on an analysis of regulatory frameworks related to the construction sector?

If you have a report, study, scientific or policy paper, you are welcome to share your insights on the built environment and regulatory barriers and opportunities at EU, national, regional or local level. The reports are collected to complement the mapping of experiences.

Share a report by 30 June 2022

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