The European Union has teamed up with celebrated food blogger/author Zahra Abdalla (@cookingwithZahra) to show how easy it is to incorporate quality, safe and authentic European ingredients into daily meals. 

For a limited amount of time the recipes were available as pre-packaged meal boxes that Dubai residents could order directly to their door.

There are 5 delicious ‘More than Food’ recipes to choose from, each perfectly portioned and explained in  step-by-step instructional videos by Zahra herself. Discover why agricultural food and beverage products from the EU are more than just food and drinks. Each burst of flavour has its own character; every ingredient tells a story, safeguarded and perfected by skilled individuals going back centuries. 

The ‘More than Food’ savoury dishes include a Mediterranean Puff Pastry Tart that celebrates zucchini and tomatoes from the Netherlands. If short on time, opt for the One Pot Summer Pasta featuring Salmon from Ireland and Grana Padano, a protected designation of origin (PDO) hard cheese that can only be produced in the Po River Valley of Italy. If being more health conscious, then the Roasted Chicken Salad with Spinach and Roasted Peppers is for you. Its honey-Dijon vinaigrette uses Acacia honey from Germany and authentic French Dijon mustard, from the town of the same name, which was the centre of mustard-making in the late Middle Ages. 

Your sweet tooth will be satisfied too, with classic Tiramisu or gluten-free Thumbprint Cookies. Each staple ingredient in these dishes is elevated by the EU’s stringent production standards. 

Commenting on the collaboration, Zahra said: “I’m really excited to be collaborating with the European Union and elGrocer on this ‘More than Food’ meal box campaign. My recipes are always about simple foods using quality ingredients. When you use the best ingredients, you don’t have to over-complicate a dish – just let the flavours speak for themselves. That’s why I love cooking with European products. The fact that the European Union prioritises the quality, safety and authenticity of all its food and beverage exports gives me total peace of mind.”