The EU has built a single market based on ‘four freedoms’, enabling people, goods, services and capital to move freely between all EU Member States. The EU is the largest global trading block and the world's biggest exporter of manufactured goods and services.

The EU is the world's largest single market (500 million consumers) with transparent rules and regulations and a secure legal investment framework. Shared standards ensure that the EU has a single approach to food and product safety. Europe is deeply integrated into global markets, and as a hub of international trade and commerce has widespread transport and communications links with the rest of the world.

This makes it easy for European companies of every size to provide their goods across the globe – allowing people worldwide to enjoy the high quality of European food and drink products.

Agriculture in the European Union

Agriculture is a vital element of the European economy and is an area where Member State governments have agreed to share responsibility to ensure sustainable production and a stable food supply at affordable prices for consumers. The European agricultural sector employs approximately 22 million farmers and farm workers in Europe, with around 44 million jobs created in associated industries such as food processing, retail and services. The uniform standards ensure that consumers have access to high-quality products and are able to make informed choices using EU wide certified labelling schemes.