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EU puzzle

Do you want to play a puzzle about EU countries or EU languages? Or both? You can also print out a giant map of Europe to colour in!

Up to 9 years Culture EU countries

Guess the gifts with Grandma!

Two children take a trip around Europe, buying souvenirs for their Grandma on the way. Have fun with this dot-to-dot game by helping Grandma work out what they are!

Up to 9 years Culture EU countries

Let's Explore Europe

The EU has 28 member countries. Each has a different history, geography and culture. Test your knowledge in a board game – play alone or challenge classmates.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 EU countries

Match the landmarks

Click on the European flags and see famous landmarks pop up……each one appears twice! Can you find the pairs?

Up to 9 years Culture EU countries

Memory game

Each of the 28 EU countries has its own flag. See if you can match the pairs by turning over the cards. Learn what the colours in each flag mean.

Up to 9 years About the EU Culture EU countries

Paper Hen

Pick up some basic facts about the EU: print out and fold the sheet to make this fun origami game that children love to play!

Up to 9 years About the EU

The EU: what's it all about?

Help your pupils discover more about the countries of the European Union using this fun, interactive map. Take a trip to each country and find out what they like to eat in Czechia, which sport is the most popular in Slovakia, learn the names of some famous Dutch painters and much, much more!

Ages 9 to 12 About the EU Culture EU countries EU history EU laws and institutions

The time machine

Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the history of Europe. Fly the spaceship into the right answer, making sure to avoid the meteorites!

Ages 15 and over EU history

Cultural heritage detectives

The online game “Culture Heritage Detectives”, for students aged 10-12 years or 13-15 years, is part of the educational toolkit for teachers. It provides an introduction to Europe's cultural heritage and triggers discussion. The game can be played in pairs or groups, with the teacher acting as facilitator.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 Culture

Languages take you further

This booklet introduces children to the EU's 24 official languages. Each language is presented on its own page, with colourful illustrations and a few basic and useful phrases such as “thank you” and “I don’t understand”. The print version contains an additional short dialogue and is accompanied by a Teachers' Guide.

EU countries Culture


The EU has 24 official languages. Identify them while avoiding evil spiders to score points. You have to be quick!

Ages 12 to 15 About the EU


Six regions within the European Union are featured in this comic book: Finland, Ireland, northern Poland, Portugal, southern Italy and one overseas territory, French Guiana. Facts and figures about regional policy and its various aspects complement the fictional part of the book.

The digital version of 'Partners' offers a fun and informative new experience by combining narrative and interactive elements with quizzes and games. The website contains additional information and links for teachers.

Ages 12 to 15 EU countries