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EU Timeline

Take a trip back in time to discover important moments in history, inventions, major events in sport and society and more… many of which made the EU what it is today.

Ages 12 to 15 About the EU Culture EU history
Presentation slides

Europe in a nutshell

What is the European project? What does the EU do for us and how does it work ? This slide presentation will help you explain the basics of the EU, prepare the ground for discussions, and give you tips on how to stay in touch with the EU. It is made up of four sections, which can be used separately or as a whole. You can use it along with our EU quiz for testing the knowledge of your class/audience. Finally, do not forget to have a look at the note pages, they contain further information and links.

Ages 12 to 15 About the EU

Let's Explore Europe

The EU has 27 member countries. Each has a different history, geography and culture. Test your knowledge in a board game – play alone or challenge classmates.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 EU countries

The time machine

Take this quiz and find out how much you know about the history of Europe. Fly the spaceship into the right answer, making sure to avoid the meteorites!

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over EU history

The European Union - Facts and figures

How many people live in Italy? What's the political system in Lithuania? And what is the capital of Cyprus called? Find the answers to these questions and many more in the updated version of 'The European Union - Facts and figures'. This booklet comes in a handy small format and gives essential information on the European Union, its institutions, member states and candidate countries. It contains facts on official languages, government websites and other useful data about each country. The publication is available in 24 EU languages.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over EU countries

25 years of the single market

Created over 25 years ago, the single market simplifies the lives of European citizens and businesses by boosting growth and creating jobs.

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Citizens' rights Consumers' rights

52 steps towards a greener city

Cities contain a lot of biodiversity, it is important that we protect it because we need it for our quality of life, our clean air, our food and water and our mental health. Make space for nature. This booklet contains 52 suggestions on how to support urban biodiversity throughout the year.

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Climate and environment
Teaching kit

Borders and Bridges - Migration

The issue of migration is a hot topic in today’s Europe, but why? A mass global movement of humanity is taking place, as is evidenced by phenomena ranging from the tragic drownings in the Mediterranean to the so-called ‘brain drain’ within Europe itself. This theme examines some of the reasons behind such migrations and asks us to consider how we might better understand today’s voluntary and forced movements of people in light of European historical examples.

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Migration

Cyber Chronix

Do you want to know more about data protection and privacy risks? Discover it all with the Cyber Chronix game, story and quiz.

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Citizens' rights Digital

Did you know? EU funded research is shaping your future

Science and technology touch almost every part of our daily lives. Discover in this book how the EU helps European scientists, researchers and innovators to work together.

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Science and research

Erasmus+: Youth Exchange

Four European students describe their experiences in Tortona, Italy, while on 'Youth Exchanges', an Erasmus+ programme.

Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Culture