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Let's Explore Europe

The EU has 28 member countries. Each has a different history, geography and culture. Test your knowledge in a board game – play alone or challenge classmates.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 EU countries

Let's explore Europe!

Full of interesting facts and colourful illustrations, this booklet gives a lively overview of Europe and explains briefly what the EU is and how it works.
There is also an accompanying online game.

Ages 9 to 12 Culture EU countries EU history About the EU

The EU: what's it all about?

Help your pupils discover more about the countries of the European Union using this fun, interactive map. Take a trip to each country and find out what they like to eat in Czechia, which sport is the most popular in Slovakia, learn the names of some famous Dutch painters and much, much more!

Ages 9 to 12 About the EU Culture EU countries EU history EU laws and institutions

Climate & Energy Quiz

Take this quiz on climate issues and become a climate hero!

Ages 9 to 12 Environment and climate

Cultural heritage detectives

The online game “Culture Heritage Detectives”, for students aged 10-12 years or 13-15 years, is part of the educational toolkit for teachers. It provides an introduction to Europe's cultural heritage and triggers discussion. The game can be played in pairs or groups, with the teacher acting as facilitator.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 Culture
Teaching kit

Europe's cultural heritage - Toolkit for teachers

This toolkit targets students between 10 and 15 years old. It was created to help teachers introduce and discuss cultural heritage in classrooms. The idea is to invite young people to celebrate, discover and experience Europe's rich and diverse cultural heritage in a fun way.
There is also an accompanying online game.

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 About the EU Culture EU countries

On the road to victory

Inspired by the EU budget, a class of international students from Bratislava funds an adventure-packed school trip across Europe.

Ages 9 to 12 Economy
Teaching kit

Sustainable Shaun Game & Teaching Resources

This fun and engaging game is free to play and challenges students to build their own sustainable city by balancing five themes: food, nature, energy, transport and resources, whilst inspiring them to think about green issues. It is designed to show students how they can create a cleaner, healthier and more ‘sustainable’ future for our cities and the planet – all with the help of Shaun the Sheep. It can be played on smartphones and tablets in 28 versions: one for each EU country, and in any of the EU's 24 languages.

You will find a number of teaching resources (linked below) associated with this game that will help you learn how to play Sustainable Shaun with your class. Available in English, these resources include lesson plans, picture cards, specific problems to solve and more. There is even a log in system so your class can start playing the game in school, save where they have got up to, and then pick it up at home on any device.

Ages 9 to 12 Environment and climate Food, farming, fisheries


Learn about taxes!
Want to know more about taxes in general or about specific aspects? Browse our useful resources covering a wide range of topics (tax fraud, tax evasion, national resources etc.)

Ages 9 to 12 Ages 12 to 15 Ages 15 and over Economy

The flight of the cranes

This publication offers fascinating facts about Europe’s bird migration, biodiversity, plus ideas for what children can do themselves to protect the natural environment. It also features a ‘story book’ built around children’s own observations which invites young readers to make their own contributions.

Ages 9 to 12 Environment and climate

The story of three generations of farmers

This storybook covers 50 years of farming, through the difficult early years to better times, with the EU providing incentives and a financial safety net.

Up to 9 years Ages 9 to 12 Food, farming, fisheries