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Innovation for all

Under the InnoCámaras project, Spanish chambers of commerce provide finance for SMEs and the self-employed who want to increase levels of innovation in their businesses. Recipients receive a grant, advice and invitations to events where they can share experience and improve their knowledge.

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Training Guadeloupe’s artisans

Guadeloupe is one of the French departments hardest hit by unemployment, especially among the young. To alleviate this, the EU has provided funding for its Regional University of Arts and Crafts. The university promotes life-long learning by training people from various backgrounds, including young people, students, company bosses and employees.

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Biotech company from Graz expands worldwide

ZETA Biopharma from Graz, Austria, develops production systems for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sector. These are used to produce substances such as cancer drugs, insulin, vaccines and infusions. An Austrian bank gave ZETA a loan backed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) to help it expand. The company has customers worldwide and its market share is growing continuously.

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The shop for mums, by mums

Berlin-based online shop tausendkind offers a wide range of products for babies and children, for everyday use or special occasions. It provides people looking for gifts with the perfect selection of clothing, toys, accessories and furniture. Long-standing friends Anike von Gagern and Kathrin Weiß founded tausendkind in 2010 with support from organisations including the EU.

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Personal shopping for men

Thanks to OUTFITTERY, men who would rather not spend time shopping no longer need worry about their choice of clothing. The stylists of this German online service compile the perfect outfit and send it to the customer. With EU funding, OUTFITTERY has been saving men the hassle of clothes shopping since 2012.

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Fresh food from small farms

Farmhopping is an online market for natural produce from more than 100 small Bulgarian farms whose agricultural methods meet sustainability requirements. It bridges the gap between farmers and consumers, with farmers getting a fair price for their produce and consumers a convenient supply of fresh food.

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From walls to whiteboards

Bulgarian firm Escreo has developed a paint that turns office walls into spaces for writing and drawing with marker pens. This makes it easy for people to jot down ideas as soon as they come to mind. Brainstorming sessions, business meetings and presentations become fun, creative games. The paint is produced in all colours listed in the RAL colour matching system.

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New markets for Bulgarian rose oil

Ina EOOD, a small essential oil maker from Panagyurishte, Bulgaria, has bought modern rose oil distillation equipment with help from EU funds. This has allowed the company to set up a new production line for organic products and meet growing demand for natural oils in Bulgaria and across Europe.

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Odilo sets up platform to promote e-reading

Odilo is a Spanish firm specialising in providing digital content from companies and public bodies, mainly to libraries and the education and tourism sectors. Numerous institutions have made digital documents available via its platform, encouraging people to read them and broaden their knowledge.

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A new development in Helsinki

Tripla is a construction project in Helsinki’s Pasila district, to be completed in phases between 2019 and 2021. It will have Finland's largest shopping centre, offices, apartments and a new railway station. Tripla will create enough renewable energy to cover nearly all of its needs and will be fitted with recycling, water processing and waste processing systems.

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