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New bio-products from crop oil

First2Run aims to demonstrate the technical, economic and environmental sustainability of a bio-refinery making bio-products using oil from crops grown in arid or marginal zones. Oils are converted via chemical processes into plastics, lubricants, cosmetics and plasticisers. Integration of all phases, from crop cultivation to product synthesis, benefits the economy, the environment and the region.

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DRAGON – an innovative approach to tunnelling

Building tunnels involves excavation of several million cubic meters of rock, which often ends up as landfill. Thanks to DRAGON technology, rock can be analysed and sorted on site. Valuable mineral resources are separated for use in processing in industries such as ceramics and steel.

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An automated eCall system

EU law requires all new cars and light commercial vehicles registered after 31 March 2018 to be equipped with GPS-enabled automated eCall emergency call technology. Hungary’s Albacomp RI is using EU funding to develop an emergency call system that can be retrofitted to vehicles. This will make eCall available to drivers of used cars too.

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Dominó: ceramics of the future

Dominó is a family firm in Portugal’s Coimbra region that has been producing ceramics for 3 generations. Founded in 1988, it makes floor and wall tiles for construction and decoration. Since 2009, Dominó has been hit hard by the economic crisis. But without lowering wages or laying people off, it has stayed successful by focusing on exports and a skilled workforce.

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E2C: double the chance of success

Second Chance Schools (E2C) offer tailor-made programmes, different from those of mainstream schools, for early school leavers aged 16 to 25. This gives motivated young people a second chance at finding their place in the job market and at social and civic integration.

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Sofia metro line 3

Some 1.5 million people live in or around Bulgaria’s capital Sofia and ever more residents and visitors prefer to travel by metro. Metro transport is fast, comfortable and economical, and helps reduce congestion and pollution. Almost 350,000 people a day use the existing 2 lines and the EU is now funding construction of line 3.

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Odilo sets up platform to promote e-reading

Odilo is a Spanish firm specialising in providing digital content from companies and public bodies, mainly to libraries and the education and tourism sectors. Numerous institutions have made digital documents available via its platform, encouraging people to read them and broaden their knowledge.

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Personal shopping for men

Thanks to OUTFITTERY, men who would rather not spend time shopping no longer need worry about their choice of clothing. The stylists of this German online service compile the perfect outfit and send it to the customer. With EU funding, OUTFITTERY has been saving men the hassle of clothes shopping since 2012.

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Helping the disabled into work

Por Talento helps people with disabilities to find work. This Spanish platform, co-financed by the EU, makes it possible to manage job alerts and offers guidance for both job seekers and employers. It also provides information on legislation and government grants, and encourages interest among employers through various initiatives.

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The shop for mums, by mums

Berlin-based online shop tausendkind offers a wide range of products for babies and children, for everyday use or special occasions. It provides people looking for gifts with the perfect selection of clothing, toys, accessories and furniture. Long-standing friends Anike von Gagern and Kathrin Weiß founded tausendkind in 2010 with support from organisations including the EU.

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