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Energetikum – A living laboratory

The Energetikum research building at Austria’s University of Applied Sciences Burgenland is a state-of-the-art experimental facility. Researchers conduct studies on building operations, taking account of user behaviour. The aim is to find ways of maximising comfort while minimising buildings’ energy use.

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Solar energy bags

SunnyBAG, located in the Austrian city Graz, is a producer of innovative shoulder bags and backpacks. They convert sunlight into electricity, allowing owners to charge mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while they are out.

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Central European Green Corridors

Under the EU-funded Central European Green Corridors project, 115 fast-charging stations for electric cars have opened in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia and Croatia – allowing cross-border electromobility with your e-car between Munich and Zagreb. Further network expansion, offers and services for customers and energy supply solutions also drive the project’s roll-out of electric transport. Partners include public sector bodies and private companies.

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Inspired by skin

Founded in 2014, Skinspiration has its head office in Funchal, Madeira. It works with the pharmacy faculty of Lisbon University on clinical development of a line of dermatological products. The company markets these cosmetics in Portugal and now wants to establish itself abroad.

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The driving of the future

At the Hagenberg Campus of the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, the networks and mobility research group is shaping the future of transport. Its EU funded Connected Vehicles project aims to make driving efficient, safe and environmentally friendly by finding ways of predicting traffic flows.

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Job prospects for the disabled

1 in 6 EU citizens lives with disability. A key EU aim is to help people with disabilities to play an active part in society and the economy. Hungary’s EU-backed RÉV project has developed methodologies, and set up cooperation and training to make it easier for them to find jobs.

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Surfaces for home and business

Spanish company Cosentino develops innovative surfaces with unique designs for homes and business. Its portfolio includes leading brands such as Silestone and Dekton. With EU support, Cosentino products are exported to more than 80 countries. They are also present in places like Barcelona’s El Prat airport and the Burj Al Arab hotel in the United Arab Emirates.

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Safety on the Baltic Sea

The DiveSMART Baltic project strengthens coordination and cooperation between rescue divers from various agencies in the Baltic Sea region. It also improves preparedness for accidents at sea. The Swedish Coast Guard is the project leader, with partners from Estonia, Lithuania, Poland and Finland.

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Help for female entrepreneurs

Young women worldwide suffer from higher than average rates of unemployment and struggle to reach their long-term career goals. The Youth Women Win project mentors young women without jobs, in financial difficulties and with low levels of training. This helps them to take their first steps in business.

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Help for innovative projects

Bond’innov is an incubator for innovative projects with economic and social potential in health, biotechnology, the environment and the social and solidarity economy. Founded in 2011 at Bondy in France’s Seine-Saint-Denis department, it aims to energise the local economy by bringing businesses to the area. EU funding has enabled it to finance more start-ups and speed up project implementation.

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