Zsóka Fekete’s Mangalica farm

Young entrepreneur breeds pigs and makes products from their meat

About this project

After graduating in food science, Zsóka Fekete set up her own farm in Hungary with help from EU funding. She aimed to breed and sell livestock, grow vegetables and crops and make her own products by processing meat from Mangalica, a Hungarian pig breed. Her products have since won numerous prestigious awards.

Superstar pig breeder

Young Hungarian farmer’s products gain wide recognition
Mangalica pig breeder Zsóka Fekete

Zsóka Fekete’s story has attracted a lot of attention. At just 26, she decided to leave her life in Budapest, where she worked at a multinational company. A successful application for an EU young farmers grant enabled her to establish her own farm near her home town of Hajdúböszörmény in rural Hungary. She hasn’t looked back since.

She breeds mangalica pigs, a traditional Hungarian breed, and uses their meat to make award-winning food products. The pigs are fed with her home-made natural feed.

Zsóka’s dedication is helping to make her products – which she sells fortnightly at Budapest’s Lehel Market – more and more popular.

From farm to fork – a young pig breeder’s story

Food science graduate Zsóka Fekete fulfilled a childhood dream by setting up her own Mangalica pig farm with help from EU funds. It originally had 20 breeding sows but today it has over 40 sows and almost 350 Mangalica swine. Zsóka breeds and sells livestock, grows vegetables and crops and makes products by processing Mangalica meat. 

The farm has become a family business. Zsóka’s father, an agronomist, takes care of livestock feed, her mother writes funding applications and her siblings help with sales. 

The farm has earned many accolades and Zsóka participates in the Hungarian Mangalica Festival every year. She has won several prizes in the ‘Product’ category since 2013.  

Project facts
  • Development of farm’s own Mangalica stock with 40 breeding sows and 350 Mangalica pigs
  • Creation of 1 full-time job
  • Accolades include the Hajdú-Bihar County High-Quality Product award and numerous prizes at the Hungarian Mangalica Festival
Zsóka Fekete, a young farmer
EU Funding:
EUR 68 590
Hungary, Hajdúböszörmény
2011 - 2015
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