The world’s greenest battery

Hydropower helps Northvolt create batteries for electric cars

About this project

Battery maker Northvolt aims to create the world’s greenest battery using hydroelectric power from northern Sweden. Thanks to EU funding, Northvolt can build the Northvolt Labs development center, where the batteries will be developed and tested before large-scale production takes place in a factory in Skellefteå. The development center will create 400 jobs.

Greener transport for a healthier future

In 2015, an estimated 400,000 Europeans died prematurely due to air pollution, 7,000 of whom in Sweden alone. With much of this pollution caused by cars, greener transport should drastically reduce the problem.

Europe’s transport industry is moving towards electrification and demand for electric cars is growing. By supporting Northvolt's efforts to market the world's greenest electric car battery by 2020, the EU can help meet this demand.

With the help of the EU loan of EUR 52.5 million, Northvolt can produce the world's greenest car battery. The company will also make batteries for industry, energy storage and portable products.

Production will be sustainable, with a minimal carbon footprint. The Skellefteå factory will run on hydroelectricity and surplus heat will be stored and used in the local electricity network. Raw material in the batteries will come from reliable and safe sources.

Northvolt's aim is for the factory to deliver more than 400,000 car batteries a year from 2024. EU support will thus accelerate the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, as well as creating jobs and improving Europe's competitiveness in the field.

“Europe has a chance to become a leader in electromobility because it drives policy towards implementing a carbon free society harder than any other region,” says Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson.

Project facts
  • The Northvolt Labs centre in Västerås will create 400 jobs
  • The Skellefteå factory will create around 2,500 jobs
  • Northvolt's battery production results in minimal carbon dioxide emissions and excess heat from the factory will be stored and used in Skellefteå's electricity grid.from 2024
  • The Skellefteå factory will deliver over 400,000 batteries a year for electric cars
  • It will also produce batteries for industry, energy storage and portable products
Peter Carlsson
ABB, Scania, Stena, BMW, Skellefteå Kraft
Sweden, Stockholm, Västerås and Skellefteå
2018 - 2018
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