Villach vocational school

Helping young people find a place in the job market

About this project

Villach vocational school in Carinthia, Austria gives professional support to young people who have finished school but aren’t ready to take the next step. Since early 2011, more than 220 people have completed its comprehensive support programme. The school is backed by the EU and Carinthia’s Social Ministry Service.

Giving young people the skills they need for the job market

After finishing school, some young people need longer than others to step into the labour market due to lacking skills in core areas. These include reading, writing, arithmetics, new media and social skills. Villach vocational school in Austria is for people aged 21-24 with special educational needs who want to complete vocational training. 

Currently, 36 young people can take part in a wide-ranging programme lasting 3-12 months. The aim is to prepare them for further schooling or vocational training leading to a career. 

The school is run by FAB - Verein zur Förderung von Arbeit und Beschäftigung (Association for the Promotion of Labour and Employment). Since 1 January 2017, Villach vocational school has been part of the NEBA career support network. This is an initiative of the European Social Fund and the Social Ministry Service to help young people find work.

A 4-pillar concept to help young people to succeed

The concept behind Austria’s Villach vocational school consists of 4 pillars: a knowledge workshop to develop core competencies and new media skills; training modules in gastronomy, business management and woodwork to provide practical work experience; sports activities; and coaching tailored to each participant’s needs.

“For many young people, the transition from compulsory schooling to a career isn’t easy, because they aren’t yet ready for it. At Villach vocational school, we help them to find the right training path. It’s good that projects like ours receive EU funding,” says project manager Manuel Simon Werkl.

© Images: FAB/Helge Bauer

Project facts
  • 3-12 month courses prepare participants for training
  • Targeting young people with clear career goals but who lack certain core skills
  • 4-pillar concept: knowledge workshop, training modules, sports activities and coaching
  • 36 training places in catering, business management and carpentry
FAB (Association for the Promotion of Labour and Employment)
EU Funding:
EUR 632 645
Carinthia’s Social Ministry Service
Austria, Villach, Carinthia
2017 - 2017
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