Smart energy saving for homes

App provides remote control for air conditioning

About this project

With EU support, Bulgarian company MClimate has developed the Melissa smart device, which manages air conditioning through a smartphone and Wi-Fi app. Melissa studies things like the temperature users prefer when they come home and how long it takes the air conditioning to reach it. It then sets up the system accordingly with minimal energy use.

Smart products for remote control of household systems

Since high school, MClimate founder Lubomir Yanchev has preferred to work on innovative projects for competitions rather than follow compulsory study material. In year 12, he created a smart home assistant to save users wondering whether they had turned off the air conditioning or the boiler. It earned him first place in a ‘Young talents’ competition and was the start of MClimate.

Later, Lubomir and his team found the funding they needed to get the business going. A total of €1.1 million was invested in it, of which €200,000 is from EU-backed venture capital fund Eleven. Today, MClimate develops products that connect household devices to the Internet and adds features to optimise their functioning and save money.

“With the investment from Eleven we expanded our team, our work space, and founded the first company for smart home devices in Bulgaria,” says Lubomir.


Project facts
  • MClimate is one of Bulgaria’s fastest-growing start-ups
  • 2 of its founders, Lubomir Yanchev and Blagovest Dimitrov, won the ABLE Foundation’s ‘Start-up company of the year 2016’ award. Lubomir Yanchev is one of 12 finalists in the ‘Next Generation 2017’ competition of Capital newspaper and
  • the team is composed of about 20 people and all its developers are from Bulgaria. The company has sales representatives in Barcelona, Madrid and New Delhi
  • MClimate’s main markets are the Scandinavian and Baltic countries
  • the devices Vicki (for radiators) and Bobbie (for hot water boilers) were placed on the market in autumn 2017. A smart power outlet has also been developed. The company is now working on security solutions such as detectors for motion, smoke, leaks, and open doors and windows
MClimate, city of Sofia
Eleven – a venture capital fund financed under the JEREMIE programme
Bulgaria, Sofia
2014 - 2016
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