Smart beekeeping systems

Technology that cares for bees without disturbing them

About this project

Bees play a huge role in maintaining the balance of nature. Food production, biodiversity and environmental sustainability all depend on them. EU funding has helped Bulgarian company Bee Smart Technologies to develop a remote digital diagnostic and monitoring system for beekeeping. This enables beekeepers to breed more and healthier bees.

Digital system to protect bees developed with EU funding

Bulgaria’s Bee Smart Technologies has created the world’s first smart beekeeping sensor system to save beekeepers time, effort and money. It cost €380,000 to develop, of which €210,000 was provided by the EU.

Company founder Sergey Petrov, an aerospace engineer, had never considered working with bees, but a question he asked some friends changed his life. “It happened spontaneously. I asked them, ‘Do you know that bees are dying out?’ From there, things just started to happen. Surprisingly, this cause turned out to be so close to my heart as to get my full commitment,” he says.

Bee Smart Technologies products incorporate the latest technology and provide connectivity between different devices. Given the role bees play in nature, protecting their life and health helps protect ours as well.

Project facts
  • Bee Smart Technologies helps beekeepers plan operations more efficiently, reduce hive entrances which leave hives vulnerable to drafts or attack, cut costs and increase production
  • In 2016, 4 new staff members joined to enable the company to get a foothold on the market and develop its distribution network
  • The system helps bees get what they need at the right time to produce more honey
  • The focus is currently on the Bulgarian and European markets
  • Entry into the US market is expected in early 2018 and the company is already in contact with large commercial beekeepers there


Bee Smart Technologies, Sofia
EU Funding:
EUR 210 000
NEVEQ – EU-financed venture capital fund
Bulgaria, Sofia
2016 - 2017
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