Silicon wafer handling systems

Innovative SME develops specialised machines for the semiconductor industry

About this project

Thanks to a loan within the EU initiative Investment Plan for Europe, mechatronic systemtechnik from Villach in Austria’s Carinthia region can continue to grow by developing new machines. The company has been supplying specialised systems to customers in the semiconductor industry for almost 20 years. This sets it apart in a rapidly expanding market.

High-tech semiconductor solutions from Carinthia

To continue its solid growth of recent years, mechatronic systemtechnik is investing in developing of new machines. The company from Villach, Austria has been loaned €4.5 million by an Austrian bank, with a 50% guarantee from the European Investment Fund supported by the European Fund for Strategic Investments.

“The financing conditions were very attractive for our company. We’re using the funds to systematically build on our market position. It’s good to know that we’re supported by the European Union in the development of our innovations for the global market,” notes Managing Director Christoph Rauch.

Mechatronic systemtechnik is a highly specialised company with a unique range of products for handling thin silicon wafers made of semiconductor material. They are mainly used in the automotive industry for electric-powered and driverless cars, the telecommunications industry for smartphones and wearables.


Project facts
  • Founded in 1998
  • Headquarters and production in Villach, Austria
  • Global supplier of automated silicon wafer handling systems
  • More than 90 employees
  • Over 200 systems supplied
Bank Austria
Austria, Villach, Carinthia
2016 - 2020
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