Rooftop greenhouses to cut CO2

Recovering lost heat from buildings to produce vegetables and herbs

About this project

A big idea can grow from a small seed. This is why the EU invests in innovative projects like GROOF. Their approach to reduce emissions from buildings and transport by combining energy sharing and local food production. Partially funded by the EU with a grant of €2.9 million, it will build 4 rooftop greenhouses in 4 countries – Luxembourg, Belgium, France and Germany – which together will save around 54 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

Greenhouses to help reduce CO2 emissions

Luxembourg’s per capita annual CO2 emissions are expected to increase to 15.1 metric tonnes by 2050. The EU is investing in ways of reversing this trend, such as the GROOF concept.

GROOF uses rooftop greenhouses to recover lost heat from buildings, collecting CO2 to help feed plants. It allows urban farmers to grow crops sustainably and gives city dwellers access to local produce, thus reducing transportemissions. By adapting buildings in this way, the project creates a blueprint for healthier, greener cities.

“I believe that many of us want to act for the environment and that new and alternative solutions do exist,” says GROOF project manager Nicolas Zita. “Rooftop greenhouses are one way to reduce CO2 emissions in a sustainable and innovative way.”

Project facts
  • 11 partners: CDEC – Council for the Economic Development of Construction, University of Liège – Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, EBF GmbH, ASTREDHOR: Technical Institute of Horticulture, Scientific and Technical Center of the Building, University of Applied Sciences Trier Institute for Applied Material Flow Management, Group One, Cluster Eco Construction, Autonomous University of Barcelona, The gardens of Gally, Sectorial Building Training Institute
  • 10 entrepreneurs based in the North West Europe area will be coached on how to (re-)build and operate greenhouses
  • The 500-m2 Luxembourg greenhouse will produce nearly 10 tonnes of fresh leafy vegetables a year
  • GROOF will support Luxembourg’s attempts to achieve its 20% greenhouse gas emission reduction target by 2020 by cutting 54 tons CO2 emissions a year
  • EU funds cover 60% of the total project cost of €4.9 million
Nicolas Zita
EU Funding:
EUR 2 900 000
11 partners from Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain are involved
Luxembourg, LuxembourgBelgiumGermanyFranceSpain
2017 - 2020
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