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Provision of digital content viewed as a public service

About this project

Odilo is a Spanish firm specialising in providing digital content from companies and public bodies, mainly to libraries and the education and tourism sectors. Numerous institutions have made digital documents available via its platform, encouraging people to read them and broaden their knowledge.

Children take up reading via the cloud

Odilo arrives in Extremadura thanks to EU funds

El País, one of Spain’s leading newspapers, has published an article about Odilo, the start-up launched in 2011 to provide books via cloud technology. Thanks to an agreement with the Extremadura regional government and EU funds, Odilo will make its educational platform available to all of Extremadura’s public schools.

Pupils will be able to access around 8,000 digital publications, including written and audio books. Using digital content cuts expenditure on books for the schools by 30-60%. Primary school children were the first to test the platform and their experience was very positive.

The initiative shows how financing from the Investment Plan for Europe combined with EU regional development funds can drive forward practical application of innovative projects.

A tale of entrepreneurship and innovation

Odilo transformed into leading digital content provider
Rodrigo Rodríguez, Odilo founder

Born in Cartagena, Spain in 1982, Rodrigo Rodríguez specialises in telecommunications and cloud computing. He worked for BT in London as head of projects and new product launches for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. But he’s an entrepreneur at heart and was looking for something more.

So he founded Odilo, using cloud computing to digitally transform libraries by making content more accessible and ensuring universal access to books and culture. His technology also combats online piracy using a new concept: the digital library loan.

Despite teething troubles, his hard work got him his first customers, enabling him to obtain EU funding. Use of his platform has grown by 300% and his portfolio of services has expanded, with creation of a platform for the field of education. Odilo has also developed the world’s first smart cultural city at Opatija, Croatia, with free access to reading materials for everyone in the town.

Encouraging reading through accessible digital content

Reading levels among Spanish students are rated at 496 points out of 1000 in the latest Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report. Experts think that this can be improved. 

Odilo’s creators thus see digital content not only as a consumer product but also as a public service. This led them to provide content to libraries in countries including Spain and Chile. After setting up an online lending platform, they made documents available in digital format. 

A €1 million EU grant has enabled Odilo to offer its services to the education sector. School and college students can read Odilo’s books and magazines on their e-readers. This encourages group reading and allows families to save on buying books.

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Project facts
  • Odilo hosts more than 1,300,000 digital documents in 40 languages thanks to agreements with more than 800 publishers
  • In 2016, Odilo’s clients recorded more than 5 million reading hours on the platform
  • The founders realised that easy access to digital content discourages cultural piracy
  • Established in Cartagena, Murcia where the software development team is based, Odilo gave 13 graduates from the city’s Polytechnic University their first jobs


Rodrigo Rodríguez Lopez, CEO
EU Funding:
EUR 1 000 000
Event: Actualízate 2017
2015 - 2017
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