A new kind of allergy test

EU backs development of in-vitro test for chemicals that cause respiratory allergies

About this project

With funding from the EU, SenzaGen has developed an allergy test. The test doesn’t require any animal testing and investigates whether the chemicals we come in contact with in everyday life are allergenic. Until now, there have been no available methods for testing whether chemicals cause airway allergy. Respiratory allergies is a growing problem. Almost 10 % of Sweden's population and 4 % of Europeans suffer from asthma. This is partly because some chemicals that we come in contact with may cause allergy and asthma.

Identifying allergenic chemicals without animal testing

Respiratory allergies are a growing problem in Sweden, while 8-10% of the population suffers from asthma. This is partly caused by chemicals with which people come into regular contact.

Without any painful testing on animals, SenzaGen has examined which chemicals used in cosmetics, medicines, food and pigments cause respiratory allergies. An accurate test for such allergens will make working environments and consumer goods safer.

Production and commercialisation of such a test has proven time consuming and expensive, and would not have been possible without EU financing €2.4 million. Development of the technology began at Lund University in 2005 and SenzaGen started up in 2010, becoming operational in 2014.

Project facts
  • Respiratory allergies are a growing problem and almost 10 % of Swedes and 4 % of Europeans suffer from asthma
  • SenzaGen has developed the GARDair test,which identifies chemicals that cause airway allergies with up to 90% accuracy
  • GARDair is the first test on the market for allergenic chemicals of this kind
  • Since the projects has been developed, 10 persons got hired and they are continuously hiring more people.
Sweden, Lund
2017 - 2019
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