A new development in Helsinki

Energy-efficient complex takes shape in Finnish capital

About this project

Tripla is a construction project in Helsinki’s Pasila district, to be completed in phases between 2019 and 2021. It will have Finland's largest shopping centre, offices, apartments and a new railway station. Tripla will create enough renewable energy to cover nearly all of its needs and will be fitted with recycling, water processing and waste processing systems.

Sound of EU investment heard in Helsinki

New tunes created at the InvestEU container club
The InvestEU container club at the Mall of Tripla

Late November and early December 2017 saw the InvestEU campaign organise a 3-day container club event in conjunction with Helsinki’s Mall of Tripla project. Visitors to the club were invited to create their own tracks using real sounds from the Mall of Tripla building site.

Top Finnish DJ Rony Rex was on hand to help. The first track was made by head of the European Commission Representation in Finland Sari Artjoki. Visitors also had the chance to learn about opportunities offered by EU investments from the Commission Representation’s experts. The event was widely praised, especially for its innovative approach.

EC Vice-President Katainen believes EU funding for Finland will increase

Markku Markkula, President of the Committee of the Regions, Jyrki Katainen, and Corina Crețu (from left to right) listening to instructions before the visit of the Mall of Tripla construction site.

European Commission Vice-President in charge of investments Jyrki Katainen visited the site of Tripla in Pasila, Helsinki in June. Commissioner Corina Creţu, Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs Mika Lintilä and President of the European Committee of the Regions Markku Markkula were also present.

The visit began with a tour of the site, organised by developer YIT. During the first phase, the Mall of Tripla, a car park and the new Pasila railway station will be completed. The energy-efficient and ecological complex comprises three blocks. The project has remained on schedule, with parts of it even ahead of schedule.

The Mall of Tripla is one of the first projects financed by the European Fund for Strategic Investments in Finland. During his visit, Katainen emphasised that he believes that the EU will finance even more Finnish projects in the future. Finland is already one of the member countries using EU funding most efficiently.

Tripla: an environmentally friendly development for Helsinki

Tripla, a major new complex in Helsinki, is under construction. In planning, emphasis is placed on environmental impact, and ‘nearly zero-energy’ principles are followed during building. This means that the complex will create enough energy to meet almost all of its needs. Tripla includes shopping, parking, office and residential facilities, a new railway station and a public transport centre, all on the same site.

“Tripla wants to challenge the centre of Helsinki and serve as an urban meeting place. It will give Helsinki a new pulse, since over half a million inhabitants can reach it in 10 minutes. Additionally, every train in the Helsinki metropolitan area stops at the railway station,” said Tapio Salo, project leader at construction company YIT.

In line with its aim of promoting sustainable development and energy efficiency, the EU has provided €130 million of funding for Tripla.

Project facts

The shopping centre, a car park and the new Pasila railway station will open in autumn 2019.
The current Pasila station is Finland's second busiest.
Tripla’s total area will be 350,000m² and it will accommodate:

  • 7,000 workplaces
  • 250 units in the shopping centre
  • Over 400 hotel rooms
  • 1,000 residents
EU Funding:
EUR 130 000 000
The company building Tripla is owned by YIT, Etera, Onvest and Fennia. The European Investment Bank, the Nordic Investment Bank, Danske Bank and Handelsbanken provide finance
Finland, Helsinki
2015 - 2021
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