A multi-purpose water tower

Debrecen landmark refurbished with EU funding

About this project

One of the Hungarian city of Debrecen’s signature buildings was restored to its former glory in 2015 thanks to EU investment. The refurbished Nagyerdő water tower now houses a multi-purpose cultural and adventure centre. The ground floor has been converted into a space for temporary exhibitions and concerts. It also features a bar and a 12-metre climbing wall with 5 routes.

New adventures for Debrecen’s Nagyerdő water tower

Built in 1913, Debrecen’s Nagyerdő water tower was renovated for the first time over a century later. In 2014, the University of Debrecen, which owns the building, secured enough EU funding to launch long-awaited developments as part of a large investment project.

The water tower was not only refurbished but also given a range of new functions. These have transformed it into an adventure centre and one of the most popular venues in Hungary’s second largest city. The ground floor is now a space for temporary exhibitions and concerts, and also features a bar and a 12-metre-high climbing wall with 5 routes. At 34 metres high, with 207 steps leading up to it, the observation deck offers visitors a unique panoramic view of the city.

Project facts
  • 34-metre-high observation deck
  • Storage of 1,000 m3 of water
  • A gallery, a café and a spritzer bar
  • EU investment of over €1.5 million
University of Debrecen
EU Funding:
EUR 1 500 000
Hungary, Debrecen
2014 - 2015
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