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Online support for jobseekers with disabilities

About this project

Por Talento helps people with disabilities to find work. This Spanish platform, co-financed by the EU, makes it possible to manage job alerts and offers guidance for both job seekers and employers. It also provides information on legislation and government grants, and encourages interest among employers through various initiatives.

Working together for a more inclusive Europe

Round table sees need for progress on integration of women with disabilities

We have to fight to enable women with disabilities to achieve independence and integration. That’s one of the main conclusions from a round table featuring representatives of Spain’s ONCE Foundation and the EU, moderated by professional women’s magazine Mujeres a Seguir (MAS).

The employment rate for women with disabilities is 33.1%, compared with 72% for those without. As ONCE Foundation Secretary-General Teresa Palahí said, “the data show that we have to keep making progress.”

Virginia Carcedo, Director-General of ONCE Foundation training service Inserta Empleo, emphasised that this task concerns the whole of society: “there’s much talk of the flight of talent, but if we ignore disabled people we’re excluding the talent of 10% of the population.”

According to Carcedo, EU support is essential. “There’s a concept of added value which the EU brings to its citizens’ lives and without these funds Europe would not be an equal society,” she said.

Removing barriers to employment for people with disabilities

A 2017 ONCE Foundation report shows that Spain’s unemployment rate for people with disabilities is over 9% higher than for the rest of the population.

Today, the ONCE web portal Por Talento is a job market reference point for people with disabilities. Thanks to EU support, it has become Spain’s largest job search tool for this group, which faces obvious disadvantages in finding work.

However, Por Talento is more than just a job search website. Its services include guidance for users, whether employers or jobseekers, and provision of information on relevant legislation and grants available for people with disabilities.

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Project facts
  • Por Talento is an innovative website that has attracted some 200,000 users since it was set up in 2009
  • It helped more than 133,000 people between 2009 and 2016
  • Over 8 years, 37,833 people with disabilities have found work, and more than 48,000 have attended training
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