Flen Pharma: healing wounds fast

Wound care to help everyone feel better about life

About this project

Flen Pharma develops wound care that speeds up the healing process and helps patients feel more comfortable.

Putting patients first: the Flen Pharma story

In 1992, Philippe Sollie's friend’s daughter got badly burned at a barbecue and was allergic to traditional ointments. “From that moment I had to find a solution,” says Philippe, a pharmacist. 8 years of research later he perfected Flamigel, which helps burns to heal fast.

16 years on Philippe is managing director of Flen Pharma, a once Belgian and now international firm based in Antwerp. 

With EU support, it carries out research that puts patients first. For Philippe, “helping patients with your own product is the best thing you can do.”

Philippe is driven to keep looking for ideas to help patients, not only in Europe but also in countries like the United States, Australia and China. “With so many unmet needs and opportunities, how can you not do anything?” he says.

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Project facts
  • 78 jobs created in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands and United Kingdom, half of which are in Belgium
  • A new and innovative type of wound care
  • Investments planned for further research and development
Philippe Sollie, CEO of Flen Pharma
Belgium, Kontich, AntwerpenLuxembourg, Esch-sur-Alzette
2016 - 2019
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