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Energy-efficient Emmendingen

German town protects the climate house by house

O projektu

To help counteract climate change, the EU is backing the German town of Emmendingen’s ‘Emmendingen Energy House’ campaign. The campaign supports residents wanting to cut energy use by renovating their homes, including through technical consultancy and a network of building modernisation professionals.

Emmendingen aims to be climate neutral by 2050

Active in climate protection for many years, Emmendingen, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, has set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050. This means minimising CO2 emissions and compensating for those that are unavoidable with climate protection measures. Renovating buildings takes top priority.

Since 2005, the town of nearly 30,000 people has completed 20 out of 56 energy efficiency projects in public buildings. However, around a third of CO2 emissions come from households.

On the basis of Emmendingen’s 2010 climate protection plan, the town council launched the ‘Emmendingen Energy House’ campaign. It supports homeowners with the energy-efficient modernisation of their properties and will help the town fulfil its carbon footprint reduction potential.

Removing barriers to energy-efficient modernisation

The ‘Emmendingen Energy House’ campaign focuses on removing barriers to domestic energy efficiency modernisation. For instance, many homeowners shy away due to the cost, time or effort involved. Others are put off by reports of flammable façades or mould.

That is why residents are given comprehensive information in a free initial advisory session and guided and supported throughout the process. To provide this service, Emmendingen has set up a network of building modernisation actors, such as energy consultants and tradespeople. It has thus created a one-stop shop for renovation projects, with all network partners committed to high safety and quality standards.

Emmendingen Energy House is backed by publicity measures such as publication of brochures and organisation of evening classes and best practice tours. These are aimed at generating interest among residents and allaying their fears. Positive feedback and successful renovations demonstrate the widespread acceptance of the offer.


Fakta a čísla
  • The ‘Emmendingen Energy House’ campaign facilitates renovation of older residential buildings in order to tackle climate change
  • Campaign tools include awareness raising among residents, a local consultancy programme and a network of building modernisation professionals
  • The campaign is funded by the EU to the tune of €285,300 and by the state of Baden-Württemberg
Armin Bobsien (Climate Protection Manager)
Německo, Emmendingen, Baden-Württemberg
Časový rámec:
2016 - 2019
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