Energetikum – A living laboratory

Research to make buildings of the future energy efficient and cost effective

About this project

The Energetikum research building at Austria’s University of Applied Sciences Burgenland is a state-of-the-art experimental facility. Researchers conduct studies on building operations, taking account of user behaviour. The aim is to find ways of maximising comfort while minimising buildings’ energy use.

Innovative research to save resources and live energy efficiently

A Living Lab is a research facility and method that enables the integration of user requirements at an early stage into development. This immediate feedback can be included in the research process, saving money, time and resources at the same time. The Energetikum in Pinkafeld, Austria is one example. Researchers, staff and students use it to find ways of turning the buildings of the future into efficient and intelligent energy stores.

The building features an 850m² research space and 2,000 sensors. It combines maximum comfort with optimal resource use. Solutions are being developed for energy supply, storage and distribution, connectivity between them and building operation optimisation using smart sensors.

“The Energetikum plays an important role in the energy revolution by establishing technological foundations for more efficient use of renewable energy systems. This wouldn’t have been possible without EU funding,” says Prof. Christian Heschl of the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland.

In 2015, the Energetikum was awarded the ‘klimaaktiv Bronze’ environmental prize.

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Project facts
  • 16 permanent and 12 flexible jobs
  • 850m² of state-of-the-art research space
  • Laboratory for energy storage and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
University of Applied Sciences Burgenland and Forschung Burgenland (university’s research subsidiary)
EU Funding:
EUR 2 240 000
Austria, Pinkafeld, Burgenland
2014 - 2020
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