Data protection platform receives EU support

Tools to aid compliance with new European rules

About this project

In May 2018, EU data protection rules were amended. Swedish company Secure Appbox had understood early on that new tools would be required to ensure compliance and has developed them with EU financial support.

Helping companies comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation

In force from May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens protections for people submitting personal data. Companies and public authorities that receive such information will have to meet new data processing, storage and security requirements.

Prior to the application of the new rules, personal data is ‘owned’ by the organization that receives it. GDPR changes this. Under the new system, individuals have full rights over their data and can reclaim it at any time. Information can only be retained for a certain period, and public authorities and companies will have to provide evidence that their systems are compliant 
with the rules.

Swedish entrepreneur Anders Jonsson of Secure Appbox quickly realized that new tools would be necessary to meet the requirements, and began work on the GDPR Organizer platform. “We realized early on that major reforms were needed, and started thinking about the product back in 2010. We started developing the platform in 2012 based on the directives that existed at that time and which were a template for the new Regulation. We then launched
 the service in 2013,” he says.

The platform enables small and medium-sized organizations to use one simple process to authenticate and protect the digital communications of employees, customers and partners, as well as handling personal data using secure e-services and apps, and managing consent from data subjects. This creates a basis for compliance 
with the regulation.

Secure Appbox received €300,000 (3 million Swedish kronor) in May 2015 from the EU’s InnovFin innovation financing instrument and a further 3 million kronor the following year.

The company is now a European leader in its field and the platform was the first cloud service to receive GDPR specialist Privasee’s SEAL distinction for complying with the new EU data protection laws. It helps hundreds
 of organizations in more than 160 countries
 to communicate securely, regardless of time and location.


Project facts
  • In force from May 2018, the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) strengthens personal data protection
  • Companies and public authorities receiving personal data must meet new processing, storage and security requirements
  • Secure Appbox has launched the GDPR Organiser platform to help organisations comply with the Regulation
  • It received €300,000 in 2015 and a further €300,000 in 2016 from the EU’s InnovFin innovation financing instrument
  • The company now helps organisations in more than 160 countries to process data securely
Anders Jonsson
Sweden, Stockholm
2015 - 2016
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